Prevent Text Neck with the ABCs


Awareness: Raise your screen higher Take breaks often – utilize the “Screen Time” in Settings on your device or within apps Sit in a chair with a headrest and lumbar support Strengthen and stretch your muscles Use pain as a warning sign! Body Mechanics Stretches: Here is a list of

Prevent Text Neck with the ABCs2023-01-13T16:17:47-06:00

Adjusting the Opioid Problem


Adjusting the Opioid Problem Low back and neck pain are extremely common conditions that consume large amounts of health care resources. For some, this is where the path to addiction starts.  The prescription path problem: patient comes in because of back pain---a prescription for pain meds is written---pain is

Adjusting the Opioid Problem2023-01-13T16:20:49-06:00
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