Scoliosis and Chiropractic: Save & Conservative

Scoliosis is a sideways curve of the spine that develops during childhood.  Normally the spine only has curves from front to back.  For example, if you were looking at someone with scoliosis from behind, their spine would have a “C” shape or even an “S” shape instead of a straight vertical line.  The use of x-rays helps the doctor of chiropractic to determine your spinal curvature points.  Scoliosis affects nearly 3 percent of the population, totaling at over 7 million people. For those 7 million, quality of life can be diminished, and participating in activities or sports can be limited due to pain, reduced respiratory function or diminished self-esteem.

How does scoliosis happen?

Most cases of scoliosis are not known but some literature suggests factors such as genetics, hormone activity, postural alterations, and nervous system development may contribute to scoliosis.

How is scoliosis measured?

A forward bending test, called “Adam’s Test”, can be used to observe the presence of rib prominence or “humping” on one side of the body.  X-rays are also used to measure the curvature of the spine.

How do chiropractors help with scoliosis?

Chiropractic care is designed to find and correct areas of spinal malfunction. In addition, proper maintenance of the spine through chiropractic adjustment will ensure the well-being of the body. Chiropractors apply a specific adjustment procedure to the bones surrounding the spinal cord in order to relieve spinal pressure so the body can function more effectively.  Regardless of your age, size, fitness level or condition, we tailor our treatment to you as an individual. Above all, we understand that patients expect the best care, an honest assessment and true concern for their health as well as an efficient means of receiving treatment.

Spinal adjustments can provide scoliosis patients with:

  • Improved range of motion
  • Reduced pain and discomfort
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increased nervous system functioning

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