Nurturing Your Baby’s Spinal Development

Did you know an infant’s spine will DOUBLE in size in their first 2 years? The spinal development in children has a huge impact on their posture and nervous system development….and sets the stage for the rest of their life!

Here are our top tips for proper ergonomic development for your infant:

– When swaddling your infant, be sure to allow freedom of movement of their legs into the fetal tuck position (knees and hips bent), never swaddled straight down.

– Don’t stress if your child dislikes tummy time! Try it lying down with your baby on your chest looking at you.

– Minimize time spent in car seats and other bucket devices, such as swings and bouncers.

– Choose a baby carrier that allows for fully supported hips in the seated position, ideally facing their carrier’s body, not outward.

– If your infant is showing preference for 1 side while nursing or turning their head consistently to one side while sleeping, have them evaluated by a chiropractor.

– Minimize excess time in any one position for you infant during this rapid stage of development

If you have questions about your baby’s growth and development, give us a call or text us at 630-262-1421.

Above all, it is important to remember that prevention is the best form of wellness.  A chiropractor is trained to detect the presence of vertebral subluxations.  Dr. Matthew Hart DC is an expert in the detection and correction of subluxations.  Give us a call or send us a text at 630-262-1421 or email us at to schedule regular milestone checkups for your baby’s first year of life!

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