Adjusting the Opioid Problem

Low back and neck pain are extremely common conditions that consume large amounts of health care resources. For some, this is where the path to addiction starts.  The prescription path problem: patient comes in because of back pain—a prescription for pain meds is written—pain is gone but underlying reason for pain is not corrected—patient runs out of meds—pain comes back—a stronger pain med is prescribed.

Did you know: Adults receiving chiropractic care were 55% less likely to fill a prescription for opioids.

Dr. Hart along with his team have developed a team approach to care involving spinal adjustments, muscle therapy, functional movement exercises and spinal decompression.

“We are proud to have had success with patients avoiding surgery and pain killers by utilizing chiropractic along with our spinal decompression table, the DRX9000C.  This sophisticated table scientifically rivals any traction table commonly found in many clinics treating sciatica, herniated discs and bulging discs.”

Hart Chiropractic is dedicated to finding the underlying source of the problem causing the pain and using chiropractic, muscle therapy, and spinal decompression to address the problem naturally.

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